Do you have a new technology-based solution that can increase the traceability and transparency of our products.

Traceability and transparency in the food and beverage industry is an emerging, but fast-moving trend. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the food they purchase and are seeking more information on what is in products, where they have come from and how they have been produced. Arla Foods has strong values for natural products, health and sustainability, and being a farmer owned cooperative, we have a unique supply chain set-up. We wish to turn our unique set-up into consumer facing solutions that provide trust, transparency and full traceability on our products, and we are looking for start-ups with cutting edge technologies and innovations to help us on the journey.

We are interested in new ways to map the journey of our products from farm to consumer to increase the traceability and transparency of our products. Along with this, the technology should also be to demonstrate an innovate approach to reducing energy consumption and overall positive impact on sustainability. We are looking for startups to form partnerships around traceability and hope to find a partner that can leverage their technology with us.

We are looking for solutions in the following areas:

1. IOT based solutions for the food chain

2. Ingredient tracing technologies

3. Digital Farm – to – table programs

4. Sensor technology for food safety in the supply chain

Partnership candidate should be able to work with Arla towards launching in 2020 and demonstrate excellent skills and understanding of how to communicate utilisation of their technology for consumers.

Why you should participate?

Get the chance to work with Arla Foods on scaling your solution to be able to reach millions of consumers around the world. We will give you access to our industry experts, world class testing facilities, extensive consumer insights and a chance to work with us on a achieving product-market-fit for your technology or product.


03.05. - 24.05

25.05 - 12.06.


from July


Click on register and create an account on the challenge portal.

Submit idea - 15.03 - 20.04.

Fill the mandatory submission form on your idea or technology.

Screening - 20.04 - 01.05

All ideas will be screened by an evaluation panel consisting of Europe’s leading accelerator, Accelerace and Arla Foods on a regular basis.

Selection - 01.06. - 01.07

The evaluation panel selects the best ideas that move forward.

Pilot - starting 01.07

Receive feedback on your idea and engage with Arla Foods domain expert teams on a pilot project that could go all the way to implementation in our products, packaging, distributionor on our farms.


Don’t waste your chance to work with us on achiving product-market-fit for your technology or product and get access to our domain experts, world class lab facilities and extensive consumer insights.


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What we put in our bodies has never been more scrutinized than today and there has never been more confusion about what to eat. The question that the consumer is asking is what foods are right for ME? What is going to add to my health and well being and help to live longer healthier?


Our planet is facing a climate challenge. Dairy carries a responsibility, but also a great opportunity to contribute positively and help solve that challenge. At Arla we want to be part of the solution.